Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black Friday Cyber Monday SALE in my shop

huge SALE in my shop Brooches 30% off Rings 20% off and Starting Black Friday through Cyber Monday use code BLACK FRIDAY for an Addition 20% off EVEN SALE ITEMS!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EcoChic Team Showing off the goods!

Great items from the EcoChic team on Etsy

Showing Love for The PromoFrenzy Team

This a collection of Great items form the Promotional Frenzy Team on Etsy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall is in the Air

It is getting nippy already here in Chicago. Temps already in the 50's! I am not ready for winter I want to enjoy the Fall, have a nice Halloween, get in a few last garage sales and estate sales. So I am focusing more and more on listing Fall Fashion items and hunting for them as well.
Enjoy these Pins:

Source: via Bill on Pinterest

Source: via Esther on Pinterest

Source: via Michele on Pinterest

Source: via Marlo's on Pinterest

Source: via Jan on Pinterest

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's the latest trend?

Well I know I reported on it before but my won shop has been selling Brooches like CRAZY!! Ladies are wearing them on their lapels again, adding them in clusters of 3, 4 and 5!!  Decorating their purses and more!

What are some ways you can use a brooch??

Well while searching through the world of Pinterest I found a board designed to answer this question!

Here they have gathered so many unique ideas that I hadn't thought of and probably wouldn't have!

from making framed Art

hanging a few on your necklace visit site here for a howto:

Decorating an old jewelry box!

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

redecorating your bedroom mirror

or sprucing up your purse!

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

Check that pin board for more great ideas and get some cute vintage brooches!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is here, time to shop

Fall is my favorite time of year. With fashion trends and color changes it is one of the best times to shop. If you love jewelry, clothes, or handmade goodies of any sort this is that time of year to BUY it!

I am always hunting for vivid oranges and browns, and I have found some to share with you.

Fall Jewelry Fashion

Source: via Bill on Pinterest

Source: via Bill on Pinterest

More Fall Trends

Source: via Bill on Pinterest

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Latest Fall Fashion Trend - BROOCHES

Well I have to start by saying I am a HUGE fan of brooches, and even though I am a guy, I hav quite a collection. I think brooches add that sparkle or flare to any outfit, handbag or hat! Brooches are the Sparkle that makes your whole outfit POP!

All the big stores (Neiman Marcus, Nordstom, Macy's etc) are showing off their sparkly pins in their ads and catalogs and their on line shops!

Brooch pins are the oldest type of jewelry out there. Since man had worn his first garment (the loin cloth) he needed something to hold it all together: a thorn. Brooches are the most functional piece of jewelry (serving as fasteners for clothing).
This useful ornament become popular in the 19th century. First worn on high necklines, women started placing this decorative detail on other areas of their dresses, coats, and shawls. Made out of metal, silver, gold, and other materials, brooches are designed to be an expressive piece. With intricate wire work, colored enamels, and fancy stones, the brooch can be found in a variety of different vintage and modern styles.

Wear It On Blazers/Outerwear: Take a look in your closet. Find all your basic garments that could use an extra touch of bling (i.e. black blazers, cardigans, shawls, etc.). Place brooch pin on lapels, your front chest, or anywhere around neckline. Don’t be afraid to add multiple brooches for more glitz.

Wear It In Your Hair: As we attend holiday parties, we experiment with different hairstyles and looks. Try putting your hair up or half down, and use bobby pins to fasten your locks. After pinning hair, take a brooch and pin it over the bobby pins, creating support and holding the brooch in an upright position.

Make a pair of Old Jeans Sparkle: add to the pocket area of a old pair of jeans for a little kick!

 BEDAZZLE that old handbag or pocket book: just add one two three or more brooches to your old purse/pocketbook and bring it back to life!

These gorgeous works of art have been all the rage for years and have now made a come back so don't miss out on this great style!

Stop by my shop for a huge selection of vintage brooches to add that Fall Fashion Flare to your wardrobe today!! PAGANCELLARJEWELRY

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My newest Find!

While I was out and about hunting for my next treasure I cam across my first ever D&E also known as "Juliana" piece. This gorgeous brooch caught my eye immediately! checking the stones and the back of the brooch I was most certain as to what I had found.

I bought it almost instantly and began doing my research. Comparing the prongs and the back to other D&E pieces. Forwarding images to other collector friends, and taking it in to an expert's shop for verification.  It was Unanimous I had found my first "Juliana."

I had to share this with my readers since I know that each time we have a first its memorable. I remember my first cameo like it was yesterday!!

This was just a great day that made all the Estate Sale jumping worth it!! :-)

it is now listed here: JULIANA BROOCH

A little about Julianna pieces:

DeLizza & Elster
Was a costume jewelry design house that was in business from the late 1940's through the 1980's. Today, D&E jewelry is also known as "Juliana", a line of D&E jewelry made for 2 years from 1968-1969.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Giveaway Winner Announced!!

We have a winner from the giveaway contest I held earlier this week!!! 
Amy from : New England Quilter

she won this great set of 100% silk earrings and hair bobby pins!!!!


CONGRATS!!!!! enjoy your great gifts!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Etsy shop Feature and Giveaway!

I am featuring a great NEW shop here on Etsy! Balance Lady Design

Balance Lady Design is run by Debbie Lessin.

 Debbie Lessin, owner of D J Lessin & Associates, Inc., a CPA firm, Balancing Lady Designs fulfills her need for creative inspiration. The Balance Lady Designs collection is all about fabric, function, fashion and fun!

Balance Lady Designs came about as a result of Debbie admiring the amazingly wonderful silk designed by her friend and work neighbor Lee Allison. Lee mostly designs ties under his own label but he also does a lot of custom work for the likes of the Lyric Opera and various corporations like Northwestern Mutual and Miller Beer. He even designed a tie for President Obama's National Finance Committee during the 2008 election. Lee’s ties are available online at and at better retail stores throughout the country.

The silk is woven at a 300-year-old family-owned silk mill in England, the same mill that was asked by the Royal Family to weave the silk used for Lady Diana's wedding dress. It's really just amazingly fabulous. Debbie encouraged Lee to create something with his fabric for women. And when he didn’t she did!

Debbie takes Lee’s remnants and re-purposes them into fashionable art jewelry. Her “art for your hair” collection includes bobby pin sets, pony tail holders, headbands and hair clip/pins (dual function). Earrings and cufflinks complete the product line. While many of Lees’ fabric are traditional tie designs, many are whimsical. All the Balance Lady Designs are limited editions; most of the pins are one of a kind.

From sorting the fabric remnant triangles…to planning which size circles to cut for maximum use…to hand cutting the fabric…to covering the five sizes of buttons…to hand 88sewing the pins…to gluing the findings…to packaging and labeling the final product for display, Balance Lady Designs has become Debbie’s “happy place”, a place to express her creative self and find function by re-purposing exquisite fabric for fashion and fun!

 Cute pony tail holder with lady justice
 Silk headband
 hair clip / pin
 these lovely bobby pins will be listed in her shop soon keep an eye out
 unisex cufflinks
Gorgeous earrings for the gardener!

So Debbie is going to be giving away this lovely set. One of a Kind flamingo Earrings with matching bobby pins. this is the only pair as she no loner has this material or this size earrings.

Here they are:

and here is how you can win them!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Xmas in July Hair Bow Giveaway!!

Click the image to enter to WIN!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest Really works! Leads to Etsy Sales!

A Bizrate study found that 25% of respondents who were aware of image-sharing sites such as Pinterest made a purchase through them. The top five categories purchased on Pinterest were: Clothing & Apparel (39%); Jewelry, Handbags & Accessories (23%); Art, Art Supplies & Hobbies (22%); Home, Garden & Pool/Spa (18%); and Health & Beauty (14%).

 READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE This is part of an article by

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Have you been in the ETSY CONTEST yet?

I am hooked on the etsy contest. I go there daily checking out other shops items and casting my vote. All while secretly hoping to see something from my shop!! its free to submit your items and when you do get chosen you will see your shop stats INCREASE!!

This site is so easy to use here is an example of what you will see. You look at the goodies and you pick which you love best!! at the end of the day you will see which items were most popular and who was #1

So if you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, get to ETSY CONTEST and vote for your favorite items! and while you are there SUBMIT your shop!! get the free publicity you deserve.... Warning voting can become addicting!! LOL I am hooked on this site might have to make it my home page!!

Xmas in July giveaway for the 18th