Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Jewelry Trends 2013!

I know its been a while but I am back to chat about Summer Jewelry Trends.

Many sites are calling for the return of ART DECO jewelry to be the biggest this summer! With movies like "The Great Gatsby" in theaters women will be looking to the fashions of Yesteryear! As a Vintage Seller I will be highlighting these items to get peoples attention and hopefully close the deal!

Another huge trend for summer is GREEN all things green and sparkly! May has the Emerald, but it never goes out of style. So many vintage pieces use Emerald, peridot and more greens!! Tag your Green goodies with SUMMERFASHION and watch people begin to buy!!

Pastels are another HIT coming this summer. Giving your everyday look a burst of subtle color! Usually reserved for Easter soft lovely pastels are a hit this summer and are popping up all over the fashion run way!!

One last huge trend that is starting and always makes a come back from time to time GEOMETRIC shapes. triangles and the such. Its always Eye catching to see these strong shapes popping against your daily wear. It brings an outfit to the next level of fashion.

These are some trends that are hitting the runways, big box stores, high end stores and more! I hope that my readers will push their summer fashion trends and get the sales! Vintage goodies are in a a good place this summer, with art deco, greens and geometric for sure! Happy Sales and get those tags updated!!