Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My newest Find!

While I was out and about hunting for my next treasure I cam across my first ever D&E also known as "Juliana" piece. This gorgeous brooch caught my eye immediately! checking the stones and the back of the brooch I was most certain as to what I had found.

I bought it almost instantly and began doing my research. Comparing the prongs and the back to other D&E pieces. Forwarding images to other collector friends, and taking it in to an expert's shop for verification.  It was Unanimous I had found my first "Juliana."

I had to share this with my readers since I know that each time we have a first its memorable. I remember my first cameo like it was yesterday!!

This was just a great day that made all the Estate Sale jumping worth it!! :-)

it is now listed here: JULIANA BROOCH

A little about Julianna pieces:

DeLizza & Elster
Was a costume jewelry design house that was in business from the late 1940's through the 1980's. Today, D&E jewelry is also known as "Juliana", a line of D&E jewelry made for 2 years from 1968-1969.


  1. What a great find Bill! Hope you have many mre!

  2. Beautiful brooch! Congratulations on the find!

  3. Congrats... I too remember my first D&E Juliana piece like it was yesterday... However that was a few years back... Once you find one and have it confirmed as a Juliana piece it makes finding more even easier...

  4. Wooow!!!! Such a nice pieace :)
    lucky you!!!

  5. WOW! Great find Bill! It's gorgeous.

  6. What a gorgeous piece and a great find too! It's just lovely when you find something that you are drawn to isn't it!

  7. Congratulations on your find! I hope you make a nice profit!

  8. A wonderful find--it's easy to see why "Juliana" is so special to collectors!