Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Jewelry Trends 2013!

I know its been a while but I am back to chat about Summer Jewelry Trends.

Many sites are calling for the return of ART DECO jewelry to be the biggest this summer! With movies like "The Great Gatsby" in theaters women will be looking to the fashions of Yesteryear! As a Vintage Seller I will be highlighting these items to get peoples attention and hopefully close the deal!

Another huge trend for summer is GREEN all things green and sparkly! May has the Emerald, but it never goes out of style. So many vintage pieces use Emerald, peridot and more greens!! Tag your Green goodies with SUMMERFASHION and watch people begin to buy!!

Pastels are another HIT coming this summer. Giving your everyday look a burst of subtle color! Usually reserved for Easter soft lovely pastels are a hit this summer and are popping up all over the fashion run way!!

One last huge trend that is starting and always makes a come back from time to time GEOMETRIC shapes. triangles and the such. Its always Eye catching to see these strong shapes popping against your daily wear. It brings an outfit to the next level of fashion.

These are some trends that are hitting the runways, big box stores, high end stores and more! I hope that my readers will push their summer fashion trends and get the sales! Vintage goodies are in a a good place this summer, with art deco, greens and geometric for sure! Happy Sales and get those tags updated!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Postal Rates for 2013!

Well its that Time of year again where the post office will raise the rates and all us Etsy sellers will have to adjust our shipping rates accordingly! If many of you are like me you sell a lot overseas, and that is where the post office is making the biggest price hikes. A dear teammate of mine form the VJSE team spent a lot of time reviewing and coming up with rates for us Jewelry Sellers. Michelle from Age of Plastic has done a ton of research and come up with some decent estimates!The numbers you see are ZONES as per USPS with a list of countries underneath. The last column is US prices which have not suffered as much. Keep in mind we don't knwo what the discounted rates will be with paypal or DriecCheckout for shipping.

Examples Max Weight 1 2 3 4

ring, earrings, pin 2 oz $6.55 $6.55 $6.55 $6.55

brooch, dress clip, lg earrings 3 oz $7.35 $8.85 $9.45 $9.45

earring lot, bangle, necklace 4 oz $7.35 $8.85 $9.45 $9.45

lg bangle, lg brooch, spacer lot 5 oz $8.55 $11.55 $12.75 $12.75

2 med bangles 6 oz $8.55 $11.55 $12.75 $12.75

4 small bangles 7 oz $8.55 $11.55 $12.75 $12.75

Canada Mexico UK Czech

France Hungary

Germany Iceland

Belgium Poland

Hong Kong South Africa

Ireland Russia





ExamplesMax Weight56USA
ring, earrings, pin2 oz$6.55 $6.55 $2.92
brooch, dress clip, lg earrings3 oz$9.45 $9.15 $2.92
earring lot, bangle, necklace4 oz$9.45 $9.15 $3.09
lg bangle, lg brooch, spacer lot5 oz$12.75 $12.15 $3.26
2 med bangles6 oz$12.75 $12.15 $3.43
4 small bangles7 oz$12.75 $12.15 $3.60




GreeceS Korea

GreenlandNew Zealand






This is not a complete list nor guaranteed, you can visit usps.com for more information about new rates. I do think this is a god start for us Etsians to look at when setting our new price structures!

thanks again to Michelle from AgeofPlastic please stop by her shop and give her some love!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals

I have been checking out my progress here in the world of Etsy and am excited ot say things were up in 2012!

In 2011 I had only 52 orders, my views were 7,249 with 777 favorites!

In 2012 I had 196 orders, with views at 220,719 and 25,290 favorites!!!

the 2 biggest things I did in 2012 were Join 2 awesome teams (and actively work with them) and start using my social networks!

First I have to give a shout out to the 2 teams that have helped me promote, learn and become successful in the world of Etsy!

The first team focuses on Vintage Jewelry Sellers and promoting its the Vintage Jewelry Sellers of Etsy or VJSE. This team is exclusive to vintage jewelry sellers and we work together to boost our presence on Etsy and become successful sellers. It is a great group of individuals with many years of Vintage Jewelry experience! They are always looking for new members so check them out here: VJSE

The other team I am on focuses on Promotion to the Extreme, with daily activities to cover all your social network bases! this team is the Promotional Frenzy Team. Each day on this team we focus on promoting one item in our shops in various social networks (Pinterest, Twitter, Wanelo, G+, StumbleUpon) we also focus on growing our presence on Etsy by growing circles, building team treasuries, and hearting items to make them more visible to buyers! This group includes every kind of artisan on Etsy, jewelry makers, clay artists, photographers,  crochet and knitting, vintage, and MORE! This eclectic gathering of people brings so much retail, online and social networking knowledge that you are bound to learn something new each day! I know I do.  They are currentl accepting new applications as well you can check them out here: PromoFrenzy

But remember this team requires weekly activity and is only for those willing to work their shops on a daily basis!!

The final step to my growth in sales was joining the world of social networking! It is a MUST in the world of internet selling! I joined them all Wanelo, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook and G+. After doing them for 6 months I checked my stats and Twitter and Pinterest account for 25% of my shop visits! sadly there is not way on Etsy yet to see where each sale came from but getting people to visit your shop is the first step!

I have only been using Wanelo and g+ for 3 months so I don't have solid #'s but I am getting views from both. StumbleUpon gets a lot of views and seems to be more consistent accounting for about 10% of my visits each month!

Facebook doesn't generate much traffic for me at this time but I m working on tweaking that and seeing how 2013 plays out.

So for those new to Etsy or not getting the #'s you are looking for I have 2 suggestions that helped me quadruple my sales in 2012.

1. Join a team that works for you and your products
2. SOCIAL NETWORKS ( I can't stress that enough!)

So my goals for 2013? I want to double my sales for a total of 400 sales. I think this can be achieved by working my social networks and focusing on daily activities with my teams!