Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to the Pagan Cellar

My name is Bill and I run the Etsy shop PagancellarJewelry Here is a little about me:

I started off working in the banking/finance world after college, but recently went back to school for photography. I am an avid vintage jewelry collector. I love to spend time hunting for rare and neat pieces for my collection and for my store. I started collecting vintage jewelry back in my teens when my grandmother gave me one of her old cameos. I also have a large collection of vintage rosaries from all over the world.

I am in the Chicagoland area but when I am hunting I travel all over Illinois or where ever else my work might take me. My business got its name from my previous store PaganCellar which sold hand made soaps, jewelry and wiccan items. In 2008 started adding vintage pieces to my shop but felt it was becoming overwhelmed and opened PaganCellarJewelry in Oct 2008.

I think my shop stands out form others due to the eclectic variety I offer in both products and prices. My overall goal is to help share the fun and excitement of collecting vintage with collectors of all ages and financial means. I love nothing more than hearing back from a buyer on how much they loved a piece and what they will be doing with it.

I plan on writing many more articles about vintage jewelry and other things that strike my interest!! thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Hi Bill:
    Great bio. It's good to know how we all got started. I wish you success in your new blog.
    Coconutroad - etsy

  2. Enjoyed reading your intro and look forward to many more posts to come. Wishing you much success in your endeavors.
    Deb's Designs

  3. Nice Blog Bill... I'm looking forward to your post...

    JessesVintage on Etsy

  4. Wish you the best with your vintage jewelry shop in Etsy:)

  5. Congrats on the blog, Bill...look forward to more posts!!

    Boylerpf Antique & Vintage Jewelry

  6. Nice blog Bill. I'll be looking out for more posts.

  7. Nice to read about your background Bill. Look forward to more posts. :-)

    Zephyr Vintage

  8. Yeah Bill! So glad you are sharing your knowledge with us!

  9. Thank you for sharing with us. I know what you mean about how it feels when a buyer lets you know how **they** felt when they received it! It's the best! Looking forward to your next article.

    "Marlo's Marvelous Finds 'N Creations"